Channel Islands Farm, Inc. is named after the beautiful islands just off the coast of Ventura County, California. The company is a grower and distributor of fresh, California-grown Asian and Domestic vegetables. We grow our crops year-round on the coastal plains of Ventura County with additional winter acreage grown in the Imperial Valley during the months of November through March.

Farming celery, strawberries and other domestic vegetables since 1959, our family-owned and operated business continues to focus on providing our consumers with fresh, quality vegetables. We do our very best to ensure our consumers are provided with the finest produce. Channel Islands Farm, Inc. is devoted to practicing sustainable agricultural methods. In addition, all of our products are Primus Labs certified; and Channel Islands Farm, Inc.

Channel Islands Farm, Inc. is owned and operated with
the experience and knowledge of three generations of
farming. Since 1959, we continue to provide our consumers with nothing but the best produce. We take pride in our passion and commitment to quality farm products.


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