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Bok Choy
30 lbs./ctn. 40 boxes/pallet
50 lbs./ctn. 35 boxes/pallet

Bok choy is also known as Chinese white cabbage. Its crispy, dark green, spinach-like leaves are tangy and sweet. A mild refreshing flavor comes from its thick, round, bulb-like stem. Its white stalk resembles celery, but without the stringiness. Bok choy has great nutritional value- high in vitamin A, vitamin C, and calcium!

Dau Mue
100 lbs./ctn. 64 boxes/pallet

Dau mue, also known as pea tips, is considered a delicacy. This Chinese vegetable has thin, green stems, and delicate, dark green leaves with antennae shaped tips. Dau mue has a delicious flavor that is perfect for stir-fry, steamed, sautéed, or even served raw in salads!
Gai Lan
10 lbs./ctn. 100 boxes/pallet
25 lbs./ctn. 48 boxes/pallet

Gai lan, also known as Chinese broccoli or Chinese kale, is one of the most popular Chinese vegetables. This Chinese vegetable has long, round, dark green, smooth stems, with fi rm, large flat leaves, and loose buds that have white flowers. Gai lan has the same texture as American broccoli, it is perfect for soups, stir-fry, or served steamed. It is also highly nutritious and is rich in calcium, iron, and vitamins A and C!

Nai Yu (Baby Bok Choy)
10 lbs./ctn. 10 boxes/pallet
30 lbs./ctn. 40 boxes/pallet

Nai yu is more commonly known as baby bok choy. Baby bok choy has shiny, round, crinkled, vibrant dark green leaves with a short white stem. It is a very small and compact Chinese vegetable, but is filled with delicious flavor. It has a sweeter, milder flavor than bok choy. Baby bok choy has a high vitamin source of calcium. It also contains betacarotene and folate which helps prevent cancer as well as other diseases.

Shanghai Bok Choy
10 lbs./ctn. 100 boxes/pallet
30 lbs./ctn. 40 boxes/pallet

Shanghai bok choy is the most common vegetable used in Chinese cuisine because of its succulent flavor and crunchy texture. Shanghai bok choy is a minature bok choy, but with a sweet mild flavor. It has round, spoon-shaped, dark green leaves. Its leaves are tightly wrapped and compact. Also, it has a crisp, pale green stem rather than white, like bok choy.

Yu Choy
30 lbs./ctn. 40 boxes/pallet

Yu choy means “oil vegetable” because oil is produced from its seed. Yu choy, a member of the cabbage family, has thin, firm stems with oval, dark green leaves. Its slightly bitter taste makes it perfect for steamed or stir-fry dishes.

Yu Choy Sum
30 lbs./ctn. 40 boxes per pallet

Yu choy means “oil vegetable” and choy sum means “flowering green”. Yu choy sum, also known as Chinese flowering cabbage, has a thick stalk. It has round, tender, green leaves, and small yellow flowers. Yu choy sum contains high amounts of vitamin A, vitamin C, and calcium.

Napa Cabbage
30 lbs./ctn. 40 boxes/pallet
50 lbs./ctn. 35 boxes/pallet

Also known as Chinese cabbage, napa, is a more versatile cabbage than green cabbage. Napa’s flavor is sweeter than green cabbage, and it is rich in vitamin C and fi ber. Its long, crispy leaves are flat and wide forming an oval shape. Napa also has crinkled, delicate leaves which are pale green, and fades to greenish white towards the center.

taiwan cabbage

Taiwan Cabbage
40 lbs./ctn. 35 boxes/pallet

Taiwan cabbage is similar to green cabbage except it is flat on top rather than round. The weight tends to be lighter than hearty green cabbage. The flavor of Taiwan cabbage is a lot sweeter, and its light green leaves are more tender.


Green Cabbage (regular):
45 lbs./ctn. 35 boxes/pallet

Green Cabbage (jumbo):
45 lbs./ctn. 35 boxes/pallet

Red Cabbage:
40 lbs./ctn. 35 boxes/pallet

Romaine Lettuce:
35 lbs./ctn. 35 boxes/pallet

Red Leaf:
25 lbs./ctn. 35 boxes/pallet
Green Leaf:
25 lbs./ctn. 35 boxes/pallet

Iceberg “Head” Lettuce:
45 lbs./ctn. 35 boxes/pallet

Green Beans:
30 lbs./ctn. 48 boxes/pallet

Pickling Cucumbers
25 lbs./ctn. 63 boxes/pallet


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